Vertebroplasty literally means fixing the vertebral body. A Vertebroplasty specific puncture needle is passed into the vertebral body and a cement mixture containing polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), barium powder, tobramycin, and a solvent are injected under imaging guidance by the physician. The cement hardens rapidly and buttresses the weakened bone.


The ultra-sharp stylet Trocar bevels allow smooth percutaneous needle entry into the bone cavity, with minimum trauma, entrance into the bone cavity can be detected by decreased resistance.

What are indications for Vertebroplasty
1) Painful compression fracture secondary to osteoporosis
2) Painful compression fracture secondary to tumor which does not respond to conventional therapy

3) Prevent further compression  fractures, Buttress weakened bone for spine fusions


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Flow Regulator

Vertebroplasty Needle II

Vertebroplasty Needle I

Medics filter

Epidural Space Detector

Cryo-surgery Unit

Digital Video Recorder HMU-HLC

Digital Video Recorder HMU-RTR

Agabbi(Breath monitor)

Laser marker