The automatic epidural space detecting system has developed by our advanced technology and skill  at the first time in the world.

We connected the apparatus with an epidural tuohy needle of which the tip was in the ligamentum flavum. we injected air to increase the pressure inside the epidural needle to epidural space, and then the epidural needle was advanced slowly until we heard the alarm from the epidural detector when pressure inside the epidural needle suddenly decreased under the set point, suggesting the epidural needle reached the epidural space. after ensuring the epidural space we injected the anesthetic to induce epidural anesthesia.


Techniques for identification of the epidural space advantages and disadvantages.

we made and electronic apparatus to ensure an epidural space by detecting the reduction of pressure. 

we investigated the instrument to see if this could be adequately used for identification of theepidural space.



-Graphic LCD monitor

-Recording of each data


-Power source
: 220V / 60Hz
-Power consumption : 60W
: W420 x D297 x H135




-Automatic one touch operating system

-Accurate and reliable
-Easy to measurement
-Safety function for users
-Advanced design


-Power source : 220V/ 60Hz
-Power consumption : 60VA
-Dimension : w155 x d205 x h88mm
-Weight : 2.5kg

Flow Regulator

Vertebroplasty Needle II

Vertebroplasty Needle I

Medics filter

Epidural Space Detector

Cryo-surgery Unit

Digital Video Recorder HMU-HLC

Digital Video Recorder HMU-RTR

Agabbi(Breath monitor)

Laser marker