Cryo-surgical unit is to use a N2O gas to breakdown or ablation the tissue by a specialize thickness probe
that precisely freezes without any complication during operating.

It's a number of benefit over conventional analgesia in pre and post-operative situa




- It has a micro processed probe
- Display for an electric pressure figure
- It's  a short time operating
- It's almost to feel no pain during operating
- It's adjust able to control the tenperature


- Main Unit
- Cryo-probe
- Foot switch
- Power Supply cable(220V)


- Power source : 220V
- Power Consumption : 60W
- Dimention : W420*L297*H135
- Weight  : 7.0Kg

Flow Regulator

Vertebroplasty Needle II

Vertebroplasty Needle I

Medics filter

Epidural Space Detector

Cryo-surgery Unit

Digital Video Recorder HMU-HLC

Digital Video Recorder HMU-RTR

Agabbi(Breath monitor)

Laser marker