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Specification - I.V. flow regulator - The range of flow rate : 10ml/hr ~ 150ml/hr - Using the dial, simply dial in the desired flow rate. - Non-slip design and prevention of tube twisting - No electric power is required Features - Innovational and ergonomic design, Supporting the user's psychological stability - Single use disposable product minimizes the risk of infection. - Stability of flow rate : Adjustment of the stainless micro tube Hyun Medics uses the stainless micro tube, so the temperature does not influence the flow rate. Also, the user can regulate the flow rate in detail. - One hand convenient operation - Minimize the deviation of flow rate in the setting flow rate Hyun Medics Flow Regulator for PCA / I.V. flow regulator Hyun Medics Flow Regulator for fine drug delivery Necessity of flow regulator - In case of young children, old people, cancer patients and other cases who must have regular or increased injection of drugs. Oral medication take a long time to take effect period of time. - And oral medication is very difficult to inject the drug regularly for long hours. The flow regulator presents a good solution to these problems. Comparison of a strong point - It is difficult to manufacture good quality plastic flow regulators. Because plastic products are very sensitive to temperature, it is difficult to exactly regulate the flow rate. - To minimize those problems, Hyun medics uses the patented technology, does using the stainless micro tube. The temperature does not influence these micro tube, so we can minimize the deviation of flow rate. We make the micro tube using the same technology of manufacture the medical needles, so we can secure the credibility of our products.

Flow Regulator

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