The Hyun Medics HMU-HLC80/120 Systems which the headlight camera digital recorder has been developed to provide high resolution digital MPEG2 recorder file to edit a live operating image immediately.
The system may be used for all surgical procedures for student instructions, presentation and enabling many people to view a live procedure simultaneously.
The system is ideally suited for making instructional digital camera recorder.



< features and benefits >
- Compact size and lightweight camera head
- High resolution for enhanced picture clarity and definition
- It can be controled by remote to edit instruction and capture frame
- It's able to easy connect with the endoscope, microscope and digital camera

< storage form >
- MPEG2 image ( high resolution mode, continually 30 hours recording )
- It can be easy to back-up by DVD-RW ( It's a various type of recording way by the CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW )

< Long term recording >
- Internal Hard-Disk, so that it can be a long term recording as well as to edit a necessary part image
- It can amalgamate multi-file and a various inform storage

< Still image >
- when it's recording or playing to get a still frame
- It can be memorized the capture frame by memo function.



Hard disk (80G) & DVD-RW
Recording Form Digital form MPEG2

Audio Form

MPEG 1 Layer 2
Storage Form NTSC 720 X 480 30FPS

Recording hours

XP (6Mbps) 30/45 시간
SP (4Mbps) 40/60 시간
EP (2Mbps) 80/120 시간
Auto (VBR) 40/60 시간
Recording convenience Easy to recording it at least 30hours memory
Still Image JPG File 100,000 pcs,
Edit & Copy To make a necessary part of editing & copy after recording full time to operating scene
External Interface Input 4 (RCA 3, S-video 1개)
Output 3 (RCA 2개, S-video 1개)
Time Shift FF, REW x2, x4, x8, x32, x128
SLOW x1/2, x1/4, x1/8, x1/16  
JUMP(Direct Access)  
Control method Remort Controler
Power Source AC 220V 60Hz
Power Consumtion 150W
Component Body, Keyboard, Remort Controler
option (15.1 inch LCD Monitor, Camera, Cart)

Flow Regulator

Vertebroplasty Needle II

Vertebroplasty Needle I

Medics filter

Epidural Space Detector

Cryo-surgery Unit

Digital Video Recorder HMU-HLC

Digital Video Recorder HMU-RTR

Agabbi(Breath monitor)

Laser marker