We, Hyun Medics co., Ltd. wish you much success and prosperity, and most appreciate the active support and encouragement which our customer have extended to us.

Since established in 1995, we have concentrated on the research and development activities with through craftmanship and now grow to be a general Medical unit manufacturer.

We think that this achievement has been possible with our customer's active support and encouragement.

We have been introducing advanced technology and reinforcing state-of-the-art facility in order to meet our customer's requirement.

We hereby promise you that we will keep close relation with our valuable customers as a future-oriented enterprise to open the 21th century full with hope.

Thank you very much. Best regards.

President Seo, Hyun bae

Flow Regulator

Vertebroplasty Needle II

Vertebroplasty Needle I

Medics filter

Epidural Space Detector

Cryo-surgery Unit

Digital Video Recorder HMU-HLC

Digital Video Recorder HMU-RTR

Agabbi(Breath monitor)

Laser marker